Digital Marketing Services That Get Results

Not sure where to start with your marketing? Many businesses fail, or struggle badly, because they have no plan or understanding of their competitors, some haven't even mapped out their own goals!

We offer a range of digital marketing services to facilitate your goals, whether that is to get more visits to a website, more leads and email sign ups, to increase another channel's engagement like Facebook, or just increasing your sales.

We will review your plans and targets, along with any budget requirements and goals you have, to come up with a bespoke plan that drives results for you.

Tell Us About Your Plans

It's your plans that drive our marketing proposal, ask yourself: -

  • What am I trying to achieve (visits to a website, social media likes etc.)
  • Why am I doing that (to build an email list, sell more products etc.)
  • What is my customers demographic & behaviour (age, gender etc.)
  • What is the value of a lead (sale, profit etc.)
  • What have I carried out so far (review data & access to systems)
  • What budget do I have to (per lead, channel, total etc.)

If you have no business plan at all, or are struggling to understand how to find out about your market and customers, read this article on how to carry out market research.

Talk To Us For Insights To Your Profitibilty

Once you have a plan, write it down and review it to ensure it makes sense. Then talk to us, we manage campaigns for a variety of clients, both large and small. We carry out keyword and competitor research that will allow us to make a detailed analysis of your plans and budget, telling you definitively what is the right marketing option for you.

Our team has experience of all marketing types and can turn it into a proposal that makes you money.

Pay Per Click - PPC Marketing

Targeted search campaigns available in Google AdWords & Bing PPC. All based on keyword and competitor research that will allow us to make a detailed analysis of your plans and budget, telling you definitively whether PPC is the right marketing option for you.

Display (Banner) Marketing

We can create bespoke visual campaigns, promoted via the Google AdSense network, or via other paid website banner services. These can be highly targeted based on your actual customer and email data, plus we can use target customer demographic data.

Affiliate Marketing Schemes

Do you want to promote your product and services via other websites permanently that fit with your business model? There are a number of options to show offers both programmatically, or via creating, or getting involved in your own affiliate scheme.

Social Media Marketing

Are your customers ignoring you! The social media sites make their money via advertising, therefore reach can be limited without bespoke campaigns. We create data/demographic driven organic/paid campaigns for you on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Email Marketing & CRM

An often overlooked marketing strategy is to engage and up-sell to your existing customers and email subscribers. We can create automated email sign up processes and campaigns that deliver bespoke emails to your customers depending on how they interact with your business.

Marketing & Lead Packages

Not sure what is the best option to drive more customers and sales online, or how to calculate the ROI? Don't worry, our expertise allows us to fully research and cost the marketing options. We can trial different elements to create a marketing process that works for your business.

Need More Help?

Talk to us today for free impartial advice, we can turn your plans and targets into bespoke campaigns that deliver for you.

Looking for SEO & SEM services?

If you're not sure that the paid marketing route is right for you, or you want a combination of improved search engine ranking (SEO) work and paid search engine marketing (SEM), then talk to us today.