Site Speed & Conversion Matter

Did you know that consistent web page speed research by different organisations show that the slower your site the more likely customers will leave, with 40% likely to leave if your site has not visually loaded in 3 seconds!

Google also employs page speed as a key ranking signal within its algorithm, with slower sites pushed lower in search results, even if the content is superior as the user experience means customers leave!

Digital marketing is also about more than just getting a customer to your site, you need to have a compelling offer and process to convert them when they arrive.

How we can help...

Through a combination of testing and analysis of your existing website, we determine what the bottle necks and speed issues are, analysing everything from code, content to your hosting infrastructure.

We then employ a range of tools and processes to get your site inside that crucial 2-3 second visual render time.

We can also look at your on-site marketing process and offers, plus create tests and processes to improve your conversion.

Speed & Technical Audits

We carry out various different speed and structural tests on your website, these give us a waterfall analysis of your sites CSS/HTML, content, images, JavaScript, connections etc. With this data we can create a step by step plan to improve your websites speed.

Image & Code Compression

Once we understand what the bottle necks and pressure points are we can look at elements that will speed up the site, we can automate image compression, Gzip code and ensure that it is served in a way that improves browser behavior too.

Fast Secure Web Hosting

Depending on the flexibility and customization options of your current host provider, we can improve their performance. Alternatively we can move your site to our 24/7 supported hosting packages, these are scalable from cloud to dedicate servers.

Content Delivery Networks

Website resilience, keeping browser connections open and dealing with users anywhere in the world is often beyond the scope of most small businesses! That's where a CDN comes in, by leveraging a CDNs servers to do the work you can deliver a consistent performance under load.

Customer & Demographics

Not sure why certain products or services work better than others, why some customers return repeatedly? If you don't know customer demographics and cant see their behaviors, it can be very difficult to improve website performance. We can analyse both customer data and behaviour on site.

Usability & CRO Improvements

Taking information from our site analysis, analytics, customer demographics and behaviours we can propose changes to your websites landing pages and journeys. These changes can be scientifically measured against the current page to create better sales and conversion.

Need To Find Out More?

Talk to us today for free impartial advice, we can explain what options are applicable to you and turn your goals into changes that drive tangible results for you.

Looking for paid marketing services?

If you just want to start, or improve, your digital marketing campaigns,  or have a combination of SEM, SEO and CRO then talk to us, we can help you.